Friday, February 8, 2013

THE SINGLE LIFE I mentioned in my last post, I have been single now for 2 years, which is the best thing for ME. ask?

Well, I didnt really get to experience the single-life in my adulthood.  I was in 3 relationships from 18-26 years of age; pretty much consecutively.  My last real relationship lasted 6 years and it wasn't the best.  So, I didnt get to even experience being single as an a woman.

So.........after being that attached to one person for such a long period of time, 2 years of being single seems like nothing.  It's taken me this long to get to know myself.  What I like.  What I don't like.  How I like to do things.  How I don't like to do things.  My hobbies.  My passions.  My gifts.  My goals.  Myself!

Before..........I was more concerned and more focused on my girlfriend. And her wants.  Her needs.  Her likes.  Her dislikes.  Her passions.  Her hobbies.  Her!

So, it's been a great journey being a single woman.  And yes, being single has many, many perks.  And being single also has many non-perks? Well, you know what I mean.  I could go down the whole damn list but the biggest thing for me would be having someone to hold at night---or having someone hold me at night.  I am a cuddler.  I like to snuggle up with my woman and smell her and be up her ass and things like that.  I miss the touch and feel of a woman.

But right now....I am thoroughly enjoying my independence.  I am enjoying coming and going as I please.  I enjoy not having to answer to anyone.  Not having to tell anyone what I am doing or where I am---unless I so desire.  I do associate some stresses with being in a relationship.  Not saying a relationship is stressful---but parts of being in a relationship CAN be stressful.  Which is no different from the stresses we experience in non-romantic relationships. 

I am not knocking romantic relationships at all.  I am just saying that I am not ready for one and I am okay not being in one.  Sometimes, its okay to be single.  Its okay to have a closeness with self.  It's okay to get to know who you are and see what all you can contribute to a relationship---when the time comes. 

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