Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Decisions: Homosexuals and Christianity Pt.2

I don't imagine this entry will be very long.  I wanted to share that my true believe is that God is also challenging heterosexual Christians to love and accept everyone.  The bible does not teach that it is the job of a heterosexual Christian to throw the bible at a gay person every chance they get----or to disown your child because he or she is gay----or kill someone because he or she is gay----or display hatred toward someone because he or she is gay.  I mean, really people.  When did God start appointing other people to do His job for Him? He has yet to do that.  So, heterosexual Christians should begin to practice love and acceptance and forgiveness---as God does for them.

How could they possibly feel that they are adhering to the teachings in the bible by displaying hatred to a group of people---no matter what they've done.  God teaches that we should love everyone and we pray for everyone.  Aside from that----what drives these crazy 'Christians' to protest and be so hateful to gay people?  I don't get it and I don't get their rationale and justification for being critical and judgmental and hateful to gay folks.

So, I believe that God purposefully placed gay people in the world---to teach everyone how to be loving and accepting and non-judgmental of people different than themselves.

My mother had a very negative and skewed perception of gay people, before and after I was born.  And she had a lesbian daughter---ironic, right? I think it was God's design to have someone so close to her----someone born of her----possess those qualities---so that my mother could learn to be accepting and open, so that she might shut down certain stereotypes that she felt toward certain groups of people.  I don't believe I am gay by accident.  God doesn't make accidents.  And that goes for my family members and other people close to me.  While I may be a lesbian and that may make some people uncomfortable----my family and friends love me and accept me.  Because outside of me loving women, I am a kind-hearted, God-fearing, honest woman that would give the shirt off my back to anyone who needed it----l.o.l---okay, maybe not anyone. But I say that to say, even some of my homophobic family members are, at least, a little more accepting of gays because they have a relative that is gay and because they happen to love me.  

Just like white people who may have hated blacks---up until the point when their children fell in love with a black person and had children.  Because the grandchild is a part of them, though biracial, most racist people learn to see past color and begin to be more accepting of the other race, because of the love that they have for their own.  I hope that made a bit of sense---or in the least, you understood what I was trying to say.   

But the point is---I am educated, I am loving, I am kind-hearted, I try to be accepting, I love my job, I love my students, I am an upstanding citizen, I pay my taxes and tickets, I don't steal, I try my damnedest not to lie, I give to others who are in need, I am a loyal friend----like------------I am a good person, PERIOD! So, how the fuck does me loving a woman, versus a man, effect anyone else and their happiness and their salvation?  It doesn't!  So why the eff do people feel so strongly about homosexuals?  Why does it enrage people? Why does it make people so mad and hateful? Why does me being a lesbian make you want to quote scriptures and curse me and damn me? I mean, I don't get it.  And I thank God I haven't had a ton of bad experiences as it relates to my sexuality (hate crimes and such).  But there are many people that have! And its sad, and its not right, and I don't understand it.

But either way, I think God is challenging all of His children to learn to love people---in spite of whatever issues or sins or ailments or deformities or problems that we have.  None of us are perfect and all of us are walking around 'unclean'.  So, I think God would rather His children display love and acceptance, as opposed to hate and disdain.    

God bless!

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