Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Casual Sex

I wish I could say I don't see the purpose it....but I do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let me say what my definition of casual sex.  To me, casual sex is having sex with anyone that is not your man or woman; oral and penetrable sex with someone(s) that you are not monogamous with. [yes, I know someones is not the plural form for someone...lol]

I haven't been in a relationship for about 12 months.  That's a long time to go without sex. Not impossible (to withhold from sex), but not ideal either.

Um, so how much info. about my sex life do I want to expose...lol...???  Well, I will say that I am guilty of participating in casual sex.  But I don't make it a habit.  Honestly, I don't think I am equipped to have casual sex.  I have sex with someone and think I am 'in love'...sad, but true. And no, not really "in love"--but that level of intimacy brings out feelings in me.

This is a difficult topic.  So, I brought it up because I would love to have a constant sex partner, right about now.  I don't want to meet random people and sex them up and then move on to the next.  I am not built like that.  I am a germophobe---to a small degree---and to a LARGE degree---I am terrified of sexually transmitted diseases (S.T.Ds).  I dont see how people can be so free with themselves and sleep with strangers and have unprotected sex and put themselves at risk for anything! I dont get it. 

Most people dont say, "Can I see your papers?" prior to getting it in with a new sex partner.  Why not?  Especially when considering what is at risk. 

Me being a lesbian---I don't use protection/dental dam when having sex with other lesbians.  And I should!  I have my papers but nobody has ever asked me to show them.  What is it about sex that people are willing to die or burn, or have constant outbreaks for a few minutes or few hours of pleasure?  Very strange to me. 

So, I love being single and only having to answer to myself.  But Oh, how I miss having someone to have sex with any time I want.  And even then, I probably didn't take advantage of it...lol.  I miss having someone to hold and hold me.  I miss the intimacy that comes with being in a committed relationship.  I can't stand not having sex because there is no one to have sex with---lol.  Or because you dont know the sexual habits of others.  It's very difficult. 

This is how strange I am.  I really dont agree with casual sex.  Its dangerous and people usually get attached or hurt or whatever.  And as I mentioned before, there is room to pass so many diseases, so quickly.  My ideal vision of how casual sex would be--is for two people that arent in a relationship to agree to monogamously have sex with each other.  Which I know doesn't make a lot of sense and that sounds like it would lead to a relationship---but what's wrong with that? But then again, someone would stray. 

Top Two Pics: One large condom--for those of you with king kong dicks or king kong-sized dildos
Bottom Pic: Several average-sized, rainbow colored condoms.
[ I own the rights to the 3 above picures.  I took them myself :-) ]

So, I guess my point is---if its worth it to you, and it should be worth it---you should ask to see someone's papers or even go with your future sex partner to get tested together.  Or use protection---no matter how unnatural/annoying/irritating it may feel.

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