Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Setting Goals

Why are things always changing?  My God! I liked the set-up of the old blogger and now they have a "New Look".  Who did they survey to see if we wanted this "new look"? Anyway, its been so long since I've posted.  I feel like when things are going well----I tend not to blog.  And then when things are shitty, I have so much to say.  So, I guess things are kind of shitty at the moment.  Not really! 

I have been soooooooooo lucky to have a nice, long break from work (like 3 weeks).  But now its time to return to work and I am not excited about it.  I don't do well with change.  So, I've been off of work and healthy as a horse---who came up with that phrase???---and Sunday I come down with a wicked ass cold and I feel like shit.  I hate to be sick and it's been so long since I have been 'under the weather'.   So, I am not dealing too well with this damn cold.  Wish me a speedy recovery. 

So, at church the pastor suggested that we come up with 3 goals--short or long term; and that we should be as specific as possible about our goals and what we want---be sure its measurable----how long do we want it to take to achieve said goal, and what we are going to implement to accomplish said goal.  And just the thought of that is overwhelming to me; mainly because there are PLENTY of goals that I need to set.  But when I think about what I need and want to accomplish and what it takes to accomplish those things----it's OVERWHELMING.  Because none of my goals are easy-peasy.  I will have to do research and make life changes and be a slave to the calendar and implement major changes in my life.

Anyway, I think its super healthy to have goals.  I mean, if you arent striving for something---what the fuck are you doing?  I have gotten lazy and complacent with life.  But I know that I have a greater purpose and there are things I need to accomplish, places I need to visit and changes I need to make.  So, while I am overwhelmed, it is one of the best challenges I've been given in a long time.