Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Where to Begin?

Good News!  I was speeding...doing 85mph in a 55mph zone.  I was pulled over by the State Trooper.  I was rushing to get some last minute gifts for my mother and sister who both share the same birthday.  Lucky me, right?  Well, the State Trooper asked me why I was speeding and where was I going in such a hurry.  I told him that I was trying to get to the store before it closed---to get the gifts for my mom and sister's birthday.  He came back from his car and let me off with a warning!!!!! Super blessed and SUPER excited.  I know I could have easily been fined $500 no less.  So can you imagine how happy I am to be able to keep my little bit of money for something else? Whew......

To add, shortly after I was pulled over I sent a card to the police precinct where the State Trooper worked to thank him for being so gracious, understanding, and kind.   
When people give you a break, show your gratitude.  

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