Sunday, March 25, 2012


My pastor---that's funny I say that, because I am not really affiliated with a church.  I have tons of mixed feelings about the church and attending church, etc. 
Well anyway, I've been going to church as of lately. Its nontraditional. The pastor is not like most pastors.  He is knowledgeable of the word and teaches God's teachings, but he just doesn't operate like most pastors at most churches.
So anyway, he said that the idea of going to therapy is to manage things and handle things---before everything spirals out of control.  I liked that. 
And I guess my point is to say that writing is my therapy.  Its calming and peaceful and therapeutic.  It feels good to get my thoughts off----like a weight is lifted.  And often times, when I can't get to the root of certain issues---writing helps me to sort through my problems and find that root. 

Writing is the most inexpensive therapy, money can't buy!

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