Thursday, March 22, 2012

Should Gay people Be Allowed to Worship in the Church

This was the conversation topic today on the Russ Par Morning Show. I haven't really been listening to secular music stations much since Lent began.  But today I happened to scroll by the station and something drew me in.  One woman said that homosexuals dont think they are sinning when they practice a homosexual lifestyle.  I guess she did some sort of survey in order to come to this conclusion.  Anyway, I acknowledge that the Bible speaks on 'man laying with man' and I do acknowledge that my desire to be with women and my physical attraction to be with women and my love for a woman is a sin.  I also acknowledge that the bible says a lot of things about sin; no sin is greater than another, certain sins are abominations and if that sin is committed we will not inherit the kingdom of God, and that sins can be forgiven.  

How dare anyone other than God---which is basically everyone living and breathing and walking this earth today----think they have any right or any opinion as to who has the right to enter the church and learn the word of God?  How dare they? How hypocritical! How sacrilegious! Dont these people know that God is the only one who can judge the lives and sins and good deeds of His children?  Do these people feel that they are free of sin and therefore have a right to worship in 'the houses of the Lord'?  More of a right than homosexuals?

Because my sin is transparent and your fornicating and adulterating and lying and lusting and swearing and retaliating and begrudging and so so so many other sins-----are not as transparent----does that mean I should not be allowed to worship in church with heterosexual sinners? 

What a crock of shit! 

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