Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Short and To the Point...

My blog entries are different.  My ex actually gave me feedback over a year ago to shorten my entries.  Then someone else told me the same thing recently.  So......I will keep my entries short and to the point.  As an English major---I can be wordy because we are taught to be descriptive and be colorful and leave no leaf unturned!!! I took a psychology class---'human sexuality' to be exact, and I learned the exact opposite. So, certain styles of writing work better in different settings. 

On to another topic:
So, I am teaching Biology and it talks about the skin and how receptor cells are responsible for feelings and sensations and such. 
When I read it---I was surprised at my thought process and how the words seemed so sensual.  The skin is a very amazing organ.  How we are more susceptible to feelings and sensations on certain parts of our bodies-----sensitive to heat, pressure, pain, etc.   

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