Friday, March 9, 2012

"The Kids are All Right"...what about the LESBIANS?

This is a sort of blog I've never done before.  I am reviewing a movie that I just recently saw.

Well honestly, I dont give a fuck about the title.  Sure, it has to do with the family dynamic and how the children are affected by being raised by lesbian moms.  I love the idea and the concept.  I love that I can watch a movie that I can relate to...or will one day relate to...or movies in general that deal with practicalities of being a lesbian. 

So I hope you've seen it.  I hate to spoil endings to movies.  But I am disgusted and disappointed and pissed.  First of all----both women seemed a little butch to me.  The less dominant woman of the two, she is portrayed as a plain Jane.  She doesn't wear much make-up or look as pretty as she does in other movies.  Which, I fine. But all lesbians arent butch.  All lesbians arent plain. A ton of lesbians are amazingly beautiful and feminine and girly.  Which I didnt see much of in this movie.

 (Side Note: I thought the black woman in this movie was very attractive.  She was cool, I actually liked her fro, and she was just really beautiful. Too skinny for my taste, but very nice to look at.)

So, if you haven't seen the movie, the less dominant of the two women gets with the guy.  What a fucking mess.  And I guess....realistically....that is a common occurrence in the 'lesbian world'.  So many feminine women say they are lesbian and they really aren't.  And if you are fucking men---then I feel that that excludes you from being a lesbian.  I have talked about this before and I firmly believe that many women claiming to be lesbians are NOT.  And I am very disgusted with women who claim to be lesbian and have sex and romantic relationships with men.

So, I guess the movie's title wants the audience to consider the children and how they are affected by the actions of their parents; their mothers used a sperm donor, they were raised by two moms, they were raised without a dad, and one of their mothers cheated with a man.

This is not common, or 'normal' to most.  But it is the reality for many children being raised by gay/lesbian parents. I am disappointed that I had a movie show me some of what it would be like to raise children in a lesbian family, but then its soiled by having the woman cheat with a man. I don't stand for cheating but it happens.  It happens a lot!  But I would have preferred this chick cheat with another woman and not a man. 

I think kids are resilient and they handle things the best way they know how.  I think if its all you know, to be raised and loved and adored by your two moms, I think a child will be proud and happy of their family.  I understand that outside forces may cause conflict and may have children question being raised by lesbian parents, but children being raised by straight parents have to contend with all of the same issues---only they will be with 1 man and 1 woman.

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  1. Interesting review..
    i absolutely agree with the part where one of the partners could have cheated with a female instead of a male, but then again, alls well that ends well I guess.

    It was good to read from you after all this time.