Thursday, January 6, 2011

Gay Stereotypes

I just got out of the shower, hoping that if I had the water hot enough, I could sweat out all of the cold germs and be free of my cold, upon exiting.  Anyway, no such luck.  Not to worry, this is not another blog about blogging. 

So, I just watched a video posted by Davey Wavey.  I love his videos--most of them, anyway.  Well, his most recent vlog is about gay stereotypes.  This one really hits close to home because...I don't think that I fit into most gay stereotypes.  So much so, that most people don't even know that I am gay. 

Now listen, this may be strange as hell to you, but it poses a great problem for me.  While I am an out lesbian, my mother and father both know I am gay, I live with my girlfriend, and my facebook page says Interested In: Women....aside from those things, my gayness is just not that apparent to people.  People see me and assume that I am straight.  Gay people see me and don't know that I am gay.  Straight people see me and think that I am 'one of them'.  I am not 'one of them'!!!  So, I think it's immature to walk around with a rainbow bracelet on...did that when I first came out (18 and 19 years old).  I considered putting a rainbow sticker on my car, but I have reservations.  I am an over-thinker and a sort of worry-er, and I worry that some homophobe would key my car.

At my present jobs, my last couple of jobs, and jobs before that, everyone thought I was straight.  My current employer tells me that there are cute guys at the gym.  I am thinking to myself, "I have a girlfriend and we've been together nearly 6 years and so those cute guys really mean nothing to me".  Am I supposed to correct her and tell her that I have a woman?  At my other job, my employer and sole co-worker asked me if I was married or had a boyfriend.  I am thinking, "Gay marriage isn't yet legal in MD and I have a girlfriend--not a boyfriend".  I am not in the closet but I don't know if I should correct these people in their assumptions.

What do you think?


  1. well i'm not openly gay(almost impossible to b out in india especially for lesbians, i mean still ok for men...won't go there for now)anyway...and i'm 19(done crazy things once or twice like stickers and badges and people here rarely recognize "our rainbow" so it really doesn't make a difference)neither do i look gay,i don't fit into stereotypes but in day to day life, for me its like i don't scream it out loud and i don't deny it when someone asks about my partner or any other question related to its all least i'd like to think so :)

  2. agreed with you lezbee, i too am a person who worries too much over such things...
    Acceptance to our situations for so called normal people is seeming to take a long time coming and so, till then keeping low key is the best wayto go about

  3. I appreciate both of your feedback. I have yet another job and the situation is the same. I don't know what I am supposed to say in corporate America or even if it is anyone's damn business. However, its not a secret and therefore I don't want to keep it hush---as if I have something to hide. I am very proud of who and what I am.