Sunday, December 5, 2010

1 Girl 5 Gays...

So, I just learned about the show on Logo entitled 1 Girl 5 Gays.  I don't know what I say.  I am pissed off for certain reasons...but I love the show.  I guess I feel like why can't I be the 1 girl.  Or 1 of the gays for that matter.  But then again...I don't know how comfortable I would feel answering some of those questions on television---for the whole world to know.  I am not as shy amongst close friends. 

But let me jump off topic really quick.  I am a HAG looking for her Fag.  And please don't get all politically correct on me.  I would never disrespect my fellow gays.  I know the term Fag Hag, but don't know any quivalent term.  Let me correct myself....I am a Hag, looking for her queer.  I love gay boys and I want me a gay BFF.  I like some of the boys on the show and I think I could potentially get along with some of them.  1 guy, however, seems to be a pompous, uptight, and a know-it-all.  What is the big deal with this phenomenon?  Why do women love gay men so much?  I mean, sometimes I question if that is actually what I want.  I watch the A List: New York , also airs on Logo, and those queens drive me insane.  They seem so fucking 2faced and full-o-drama.  I don't want a queer bff like that.  I want a bff that is sweet, kind, funny, generous, down-to-earth, a little crazy, and fun, fun, and more fun.  And of course someone I can talk to and TRUST.  I think I just described!  I just don't want the drama and phoniness and fakeness and bullshit.  And I get that Reality TV is the opposite of reality.  I get that things are scripted and boring doesn't get ratings.  So, I imagine that some of the boys on the A List: New York are more decent than they are edited to
Back to the subject at hand, I enjoy the show (1 Girl 5 Gays)...the questions are cool...but the answers are better.  I love the chemistry between the boys and how I find myself laughing out loud at some of the responses.  Is it strange that gay men can say how fucking sexy a woman is and talk about every piece of her anatomy as if it was nothing; but a gay girl talking about a sexy man is... 'bi'.  Maybe that is just me and the folks I hang around.  I think hearing a lesbo talk about how sexy Denzel is just makes her sound like a straight woman.  Or even to talk about a man's physique---it's like "Is she a lesbian, is she bi, did he just get her wet"?  I guess I am a little small-minded. 

Anyway, I want to be on the the 1 girl.  I want to ask all the dirty questions... ;-)!!!  Anyway, I have set my DVR to record the show, but I believe it comes on Friday nights at 11pm.  Check it out sometime and let me know what you think. 

I will most likely be back to talk about the boys once I really learn their names and personalities.  Some are hilarious and some are a HOT mess!


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  1. I could totally relate to u on that one, even the folks i hang around think i'm bi or turned straight "again" because i was going through a phase, when i say a guy is hot or sexy....i mean c'mon if he is attractive i would say he doesn't make me any less of a lesbian!

    and also they think lesbian="man hater"..and i'm pretty much tired of explaining that i'm not a man hater i'm gay!