Friday, October 1, 2010

Put Ravi and Wei under the Jail

Okay, I guess it is best that I comment on this situation where these ASSHOLES recorded closeted young man, Tyler Clementi, and outed him to his schoolmates.   Tyler's roommate, Dharun Ravi, recorded Clementi having gay sex and aired it over the internet.  Clementi was obviously mortified and experienced negative reactions, as a direct result of the airing.  He was a Rutger University student and jumped from the George Washington Bridge, to his death.

I honestly cannot imagine how Clementi was feeling when he decided that is was best to die, than to face the humiliation.  I feel for him.  I just think; so many straight people would not know how to deal if their sexual encounters were filmed and aired over the internet, for the whole world to see.  It was a complete invasion of privacy and a bitch move, as far as I am concerned.  Tyler's roommate is pictured below.  Wei also played a major role in outing Clementi.

I think that it is very important NOT to protect the perpetrators and not to shield them.  Clementi had no shield from the hateful gestures and verbal attacks from his homophobic peers.  What can I say about these two fuckers?  Ravi and Wei are obviously sad ass bitches that don't have anything better to do with their lives.  Who the fuck do you think you are?  These bastards did not think of how this video would affect this young man.  They did not so much as consider that his life would change for the worse.  These assholes must feel like their lives are so fucking perfect and squeaky clean that they should just start making other people miserable.  I cannot even get my words together.  What can I say about Dharun and Molly?  Two motherfuckers that have no regard for anyone else.  Did they think for a second that anything positive would come from their actions?  Or did they think at all?  They did, however, have time, not to study or call their parents, or join a social group, but to out this young man in the worst way possible.  Dharun seems to me like his ass is a homosexual and possibly got kicks from watching his roommate have gay sex; maybe something that he never had the balls/guts to do.  I really don't know, nor do I care what his motive was.  What he did is completely wrong.  I pray that these two individual do not get off with a slap on the wrist; though if that is the outcome, I surely will NOT be surprised.  

As for suicide, I don't really agree with it.  I cannot say what I would suggest that Clementi do.  But I just think that somewhere, he should have had a support system; people that encouraged him to sell his sexy GAY sex tape for $29.99 on ebay and (Note: I have not seen the video).  He should have had a support group that told him to fuck those miserable bitches Ravi and Wei; who are way more fucked up than any homosexual.  It is sad that gay people are always under so much scrutiny.  He wasn't even safe in his own room.  If you can't be safe there, then where the fuck can you be safe?  A hot ass mess is what I think.  I pray for his soul and I pray that his death is not in vain.  It has already shed some light on the situation of homophobia and gay bashing; while it is not anything new.  Hopefully groups will be formed in his name and laws will be passed that will impose the highest punishment for crimes against gay people.

I wanted to post this because I saw a clip of my love Nicki Minaj, speaking out about Clementi's suicide.  I am a huge fan of Nicki Minaj and I hope that other celebrities use their voice and popularity for good.  I really think that she had some great things to say and I respect her and admire her for taking time out of her schedule to comment.  Check out the video: 

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  1. ridiculous what they did..they had no right!!
    they killed him.