Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogging: Follow Me/Add Me/Check Me Out

I am overwhelmed with all of the avenues in which people can--market--themselves on the internet. 

I mean everyday I am learning about new websites, blog sites, and social networking sites.  Since I started blogging I have joined a couple of social networking sites---solely for the purpose of maximizing my followers.  So, I just created a facebook account so that my LGBT friends can add me as a friend (LezBeeHonest).  Then I created a downelink profile about a month or so ago Downelink Profile.  Now I see this damn website called formspring; it allows people to ask you questions. I figure I would join this to get inspiration and ideas for blog topics; in the event that I get some good and original questions.  Oh, and I also created an account with You Tube.  This allows me to find other members of the LGBT Community and see what they are talking about and issues that are important to them.  For me, its all about networking and cultivating ideas.  My whole goal is to be original.  I want to touch on topics that haven't been done before or haven't at least been done to death.  My girlfriend finally checked out my blog and she said that she thought I was off to a good start.  But she also told me that I need to keep my posts short and sweet.  So, I guess I will take her advice and end here.

Until next time...

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