Monday, October 11, 2010

Ban Together

Hello All,

So, I am thinking about my last couple of posts.  I did not intend for my blog to focus so much on current events in the LGBT Community.  I do intend for my blog to be 'Everything Gay', but I just wanted to express my feelings about certain topics that relate to me and people like me.  However, I feel like it is only RIGHT that I address some of the craziness that is going on.  With the upcoming elections, there is a lot of HYSTERIA going on.  So much damn talk about gay this and gay that.  Everyone has an opinion!  It is crazy!!!!

So, I am going to address important issues/current events, as well as my everyday boring life.  I am getting better and better everyday with this whole blogging thing.  I learned a week or two ago how up upload a video to my post---YEEESSSS!

What else.  I think that it is very important for the LGBT Community to ban together and support one another.  I have a channel on you tube ( )and I will probably start to upload vlogs within the next month or so.  I just upgraded my computer today to get my webcam working.  Anywho....I wanted to shout out some people that I subscribe to on youtube:

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So, what I want to talk about today is homosexuality at the work place.  I find that some people get so offended when a gay/lesian person mentions his or her spouse/partner.  As I mentioned before, I am a teacher.  I do not teach full-time currently, but I saw so many prejudices and craziness in the schools.  I know that my principal would have come to me, along with so many of the teachers and parents, if I placed a picture of me and my hunnie on my desk. 

However, all of us folks that went to grade school, have seen at least 1 teacher with a family picture on his or her desk.  And of course, these teachers were heterosexual and all was wonderful.  I can only imagine what would be the reaction from the students, teachers, and faculty if a lesbian teacher put a picture of her and her girlfriend on her desk.  

I am no longer a fan of this particular radio station (so I will  not shout them out) but they had a unique discussion topic one day on the radio [this topic has NOTHING to do with why I am no longer a fan].  They had people calling in and saying how uncomfortable they were having to hear about a lesbian's spouse or a gay man's partner at the work place.  They said that they were uncomfortable and they that should not have to be subjected to such conversations.  What the Fuck!?!  So, do heterosexual people think that we homos love to hear about them and their partners?  Do they consider or give 2 fucks if we are uncomfortable about them talking about their family?  People are such hypocrites.  The host of the radio show that I was listening to would FREQUENTLY call his wife on the air and ask her random questions or include her in the show.  He always spoke about his wife.  The main chick on the show always spoke about her older gentleman boyfriend.  So why would it be any different for a gay person?  

I guess we should be ashamed and further closet ourselves to make others happy.  Frankly I was annoyed at the homophobic heterosexual people calling in and saying that they were uncomfortable.  The same damn people that talk about their families 24/7 at work---like someone gives a fuck. 

Let me say this.  People are so freaked out about homosexuality and they say that if everyone was gay then the human race would die off.  That is bullshit, OF COURSE!  I mean, gay people are very generous with their eggs and sperm (lol) and have children all the time.  And NO, gay people are not guaranteed to breed little gay babies.  I mean really!  Check out the stats below:

Male To Female Ratio For Washington, DC/District Of Columbia

  • The male to female ratio is 100:113, and the female to male ratio is 89:100.
  • The male population is 266,591, and the female population is 300,234.
  • There are 33,643 more females than males in Washington; in percentage terms, there are 11.21% more females than males.

So, what do you homophobic, bible pushing people have to say about this information?  If there are app.  33,000 more women in D.C than men, then what do the homophobes suggest?  I feel that if the bible pushers and SOME church goers and homophobics considered these facts, then they would see that God did not intend 1 man for 1 woman.  What do the heterosexuals suggest these 33,000 women do?  How can they explain what God's plan was for these 'leftover' women?  Or do they feel that it would be better for society to see one man walking hand in hand with a woman on each side?  Is that a better model for our younger generations?   Would they make such a big deal about that?

So, I am just frustrated with the whole situation.  I am sick of everybody and their negative opinions on homosexuality.  Do I think that I will have to deal with and hear these comments until I die---of course.  Is it unfortunate?  Yes!  Do I think that there are more important issues to rant and rave about---in a negative manner?  Certainly.  So, I guess we just deal with it.  We can ignore it.  We can overcome the negativity.  We can continue on with our lives and do what we feel is best for us.  

As I said earlier, I just feel like gay folks should be supportive of one another.  If we band together, vote for people that support our goals and causes, and continue to rally and protest against ignorance, then we will hopefully get some equality and a little more support from people that may not be like-minded. 

Until next time...

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  1. don't let the people get you down. where love goes... it's fine. :)