Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I love about being GAY

So, I've been gay since I was about 17 years old.  Of course we all go through our struggles of accepting our homosexuality and, at times, denying it.  I was terrified when I first realized my attraction to women; well, maybe not when I first realized.  But once I realized the possibility of being in a relationship with a woman, and having God and everyone else see me as a lesbian, it was definitely a struggle.  I went back and forth with myself.  I told myself that life would be sooooo much easier if I just 'chose' to be with guys and live the 'normal' or heterosexual life.  But I knew that I would have been lying to myself and whatever man I chose to be with.  So I took it on the chin and chose NOT to take the easy way out.

Once I started to accept myself as a homosexual, life  became very different.  I started meeting other lesbian and gay folks.  Well, that is only partially true.  Most of my closest friends from 6-9th grade ended up being gay as well.  Can I tell you that was the best thing ever?  It made shit a lot easier for me.  We all discovered our homosexuality at different stages, but just being 18-22 and gay, along with all of your closest friends, was the best thing ever.  This allowed the transition and adjustment period for me seem almost non-existent.  We started partying together, clubbing together, and everything you could think of; bowling, ice skating, drinking, and traveling.  One of my most fondest memories in life was when my 4 friends and I took a trip to Philadelphia---on a whim.  We all loaded up in the car on a Friday night and was at a hotel at about 1 or so Saturday morning.  We went to visit our other gay friends that were attending The Art Institute.  That weekend I went to the biggest sex shop ever (Condom Kingdom), went to my first ball, chilled in a hot tub with my closest friends and just had a good ass time.  I was young, didn't give a fuck about anything, and didn't think twice about taking that trip.

I said all of that to say that my friends made that transition so easy for me.  I loved going to clubs every weekend; mainly the Paradox in Baltimore.  We also went to strip clubs, they visited me on my college campus, it was never a dull moment.  I love going to the clubs and seeing beautiful ass women.  I am an ass woman personally! 

Check out Angela Simmons [left] below: I almost feel dirty about admiring her in this photo, but oh well!
Check out Mel B [right] below: sexy ass stepping out of the pool while husband admires all that ass!

I love how soft women are, I love the anatomy of a woman; beautiful breasts, pu$$y, minimal body hair, soft skin, and the fragrance of sweet something---I don't know what it is.  I love the stares that I get [good and bad] when I am walking hand and hand with my girl.  I love that I have a testimony everyday; knowing that I could choose to closet myself but am brave enough to love me for me.  Brave enough to say 'Fuck you' to anyone who does not accept my lifestyle.  I love that being gay also means being courageous and adventurous and sort of rebellious.  I believe that being gay is to be EXTRAORDINARY!  And I am certainly extraordinary.  I never want to be like anyone else---and that does not just refer to my sexuality.  I love being my own person; someone who thinks for herself, someone who says and does weird things, someone who often goes against the grain.  What is the fun in fitting in, blending in, falling in place?  Not much as far as I can tell.  

I love that gay people are beautiful, fun, funny, and sometimes OVER THE TOP!  I love the LGBT community and what is has to offer.  I love drag shows (though I have never been to one but have seen quite a few on television).  I love balls and other avenues where gay people can express themselves creatively.  My people are unique.  We are not like any other group of people in the world.  We are diverse, we are imaginative, inspiring, good-hearted, and stubborn as hell.  

These reasons, along with so many other reasons, are why I love being gay!!!

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  1. wow!!
    you said it all and said it well!!!
    way to go girl :)
    its a lot more easier when you have friends who understand...but first of all you got to be proud of who you are and feel good about it from the inside...LOVE LGBT