Sunday, September 26, 2010

Morehouse Dress Code

Yesterday was the perfect day!  I went to a family cookout at Hains Point (sadly, no longer home to the Awakening Sculpture).  

It was perfect because we had a spot in the shade, very little bugs to fight with, and a great view of the water.  My girl and I sat on a bench away from the family and watched the planes take off and land at Reagan International Airport.  It was the perfect day.  

My girlfriend pointed out an article to me that she read in the September 2010 edition of Ebony magazine; you know, the one featuring President Barack Obama.

The article was about Morehouse College's dress policy.  Morehouse College is an all-male, prestigious college in Atlanta, Georgia.  Below are some of the school's new dress code policies:

* no caps, do-rags and/or hoods in classrooms, the cafeteria, or other indoor venues
* no sun glasses worn in class or at formal programs
* no jeans at major programs, as well as no sagging pants on campus
* no clothing with derogatory or lewd messages either in words or pictures
* no wearing of clothing usually worn by women (dresses, tops, tunics, purses, pumps, etc.) on the Morehouse campus or at college-sponsored events.

Did ya'll peep that last policy?  After doing some research I did find that there was quite a bit of controversy over the new policy (and forgive me if I am a year late because I did find some articles on the topic from Oct '09).  Of course I immediately felt that the last regulation was directed toward homosexual and cross-dressing men.  Wow!  What can we say about this?  I am not surprised.  We---homosexuals---have so much bullshit to deal with.  We have to adhere to every one's rules.  We have to closet ourselves in order to make heterosexuals  freakin' comfortable.  We have to suppress our desires and various forms of self-expression.  We have to play into the heterosexual models so as not to offend the masses.  WTF!  Can you imagine that these men, gay and straight, that have worked their asses off to even get accepted to Morehouse now have to contend with this?

Are you aware that these men are paying a maximum of $35,000 per academic year if they reside on campus  Can you fathom that after paying all of that money, some authority figure has the nerve to lay discriminatory rules on the gay, cross-dressing, trans population?  And the consequences for disregarding the school's dress code can lead to suspension and expulsion from the college. 

So what is next?  After my creative and smart homosexual men figure a way around the rules, then what?  I can see it now; Chris in his fitted pink slacks, John in his button-down shirt that he ties in the front, James in a suit with drag make-up on, and so forth.  Ya'll get my drift.  

Bruno putting his own spin on army uniform

Bruno in National Guard uniform with a stylish neck

Homosexual people are brilliant, smart, inventive, creative, and we can definitely make lemonade from lemons.  So, these regulations will be a minor setback, but hopefully, we can get around it in our own ingenious ways.  Next thing you know, Morehouse faculty will set military rules on their students; buzz hair cuts, no long hair, uniforms, the whole nine.  
The future Morehouse Uniforms

What do I recommend?

I feel like the right thing to do--if you are a man that wears dresses, purses, and pumps, is to enroll in another school.  Personally, I would not want an institution that DOES NOT accept me to benefit from me or my money.  

On the contrary, if you are patient enough to dress mainstream/heterosexual/gender expected for the 4-6 years that it takes to graduate, then go for it.  And then wear your pumps and clutch bag on the graduation stage.  I don't know.   

It just sucks that we take 2 steps forward just to take 1 step back.  I guess that is going to be our fate for a while.  But eventually, whether in my life time or later, I do envision that homosexual will have near-equal rights and treatments to heterosexuals.  I am not so naive to say 100% equality but damn near.  So, everything that happens to us I take as a learning experience.  What does NOT kill us will make us stronger.  So we homos are going to be some strong sons of bitches when its all said and done.  And I am good knowing that.  

Until next time...

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