Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Friday Ya'll!

So, I am just learning how to blog and add pictures and do the really fun and cool stuff.  Today, I learned how to view other blogs; just by clicking on my list of movies that I love (located in my profile).  Speaking of profiles, do you know that when you visit your own damn profile, you are counted as a viewer?  That really sucks.  Or I guess, for some people that want to boost their own egos, this might be a plus.  

Anywho, I learned that the gay men LOVE the movie Mean Girls...lmao.  I am a fan as well but I am surprised to see how many of them like it too.  So, its a Friday night and I dont have any plans.  I am drinking Tanqueray Vodka and Cranberry Ginger ale.  I have recorded Grey's Anatomy on the DVR and so I will be watching the 2 latest episodes a little later tonight.  I am new to Grey's Anatomy; but have been catching up since they have been showing 3 episodes daily on Lifetime.  I am currently at the beginning of season 4 and I love it to death.  What I don't love is change.  I have grown so accustomed to the original casts that I see all newcomers as intruders.  I think I am like that in my everyday life as well.  I don't love change though I know it is inevitable.  I find comfort in being able to predict certain things and seeing familiar faces.  However, with growth comes change.  So, as much as I cringe at the thought of change, it is actually a really positive and progressive thing.

I am a tv junkie.  I love Grey's Anatomy and I have learned how to watch episodes online when I can't wait until the next day to see the next episode.  While I am a visual person and always loved watching tv and movies, I've gotten worse in the last month since my summer job ended.  I feel unproductive some days because I can't get enough television.  Other days, I am productive---cleaning, washing clothes, having lunch, all the while, the television is motivating me through my various tasks.  Anyway, I know that I will be working soon and I will miss my shows and movies and staying up until the dawn of the next day.  

Have a great weekend!!

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