Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Gay Scene in D.C

I am new to blogging.  I think that this will be a great avenue for expressing my opinions and getting to know the opinions of other like-minded people.  And of course, those who are not like-minded.  I am 25 years old and don't have much of a social life.  I used to go to gay clubs all the time before I got into my relationship.  But now that I have been with my hunnie for over 5 years, I don't see the harm in going back out having a good time with other lesbians.  I mean, isn't that part of the fun of being gay??  Enjoying the lifestyle, the cool ass people, the events, the drag shows, the balls, and checking out hot women?  

So, I used to frequent the Paradox in Baltimore, MD (  And while I am not a fan of the Baltimore area, the Paradox was the best place to be for gays and lesbians who wanted to club and party 'til 6am.  My friends and I used to go there and shut the club down.  If you can't take the club music (Baltimore music) then you might want to consider going somewhere else.

I've been to Club Lace in N.E, DC a year ago (  I was told it is really nice and chill club for 30 and over lesbians.   I say "I was told" because I went on my birthday last year and I was FUCKED up---to say the least.  Its a nice little spot for the more mature crowd.  Real grown and sexy.

I also went to Bar None in N.W, DC (there is no website and I am not sure if it still exists).  I went once in 2007.  It was a real nice spot for lesbians hanging out on a Sunday night.  A Sunday night of all things.  Don't people have to go to work on  But I went and had a great time.  

Another gay/lesbian club that I am familiar with is The Apex (  I used to go there in app. 2004/2005.  I also visited The Apex last summer.  Years ago it was a club of mostly white and Asian women.  There was only a handful of black and Hispanic women there, as far as I can remember.  They played pop music with a techno beat behind it.  It was a cool place to be if you are open-minded to different types of music.  I had fun because my friends were with me.  And anywhere we went, we had a good time.  So, when I visited The Apex a year ago, it was a slightly different scene.  They now have Drag Queen and Drag King shows.  I went to the Drag Queen show on a Friday night.  They had ladies, dressed as men, performing on stage.  They also had some amateur dancers perform as well.  The famous 'Oozie' was there also.  I had a great time. The 1 thing that SUCKS about The Apex is the parking.  Its a bitch to say the least.  But once you get that out of the way, the experience should be enjoyable.  

So, now that it is 2010 and I have been out of the loop for years, I want to know where I can go to have a good time with other gays and lesbians.  I would love to go to a drag show and a ball.